Microtone Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Microtonal iOS app Shoom Demonstration

A tour that just dips a toe in the water of this amazing and affordable iPad midi controller/ synthesizer that is fully alternate tuning aware.

Wilsonic - Microtonal App

This iOS app explores the work of Erv Wilson - a microtonal theorist I only demonstrate 2 of the many screens by improvising a bit of music on each.

Droneo - the $2.99 microtonal iPad

A bit of a long look at Droneo - a great app for exploring different combinations of pitches. And as I wait for this to upload I am finding more features - a highly recommended app!

Dhalang microtonal groove box overview

See the Devs videos here for more info https://youtu.be/cUbAKwlfT5k https://youtu.be/mKgcQeKQCwc.

Luis Martinez drum apps

Introducing GeoShred 2.5!

Wizdom Music & moForte announce the release of GeoShred Version 2.5, an exciting update to the award-winning GeoShred musical instrument and MIDI controller. GeoShred, Winner of 2017 Electronic...

New App for iPad (Work in Progress)

Working on a new app based on the original idea of Szymon Kaliski's MicroTones (http://microton.es/)


Shoom synth for iPad by Yuri Turov │ Impression Review and Tutorial - haQ attaQ 140

Shoom synth for iPad is developed by Yuri Turov who also made Xynthesizr for iPad and iPhone. In this episode of haQ attaQ I amgoing through the functions of Shoom synth and playing some of...

Polyplayground Music iPad App by Mike Gao

itunes.apple.com/us/app/polyplayground/id511514938?mt=8 Polyplayground is an iPad music app by MIGAMO (Mike Gao Mobile) - Helps you understand music theory through colors and shapes. - Configure...

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