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MC Escher meets Edge

I like this game a lot. It is simple but mind bending fun. Graphics are sparse but all they need to be to be fun. Try it out!

Peculiar game

I did not enjoy it & am deleting it.

Reality is what you see

What if optical illusions weren't illusions at all, but real shapes? What if looking at a shape differently changed it? With only the most fleeting glimpses of the true nature of each form, this game asks you to master them, and it's quite a bit of fun for a while as you morph each level. It's too bad there are so few, but as tough as the last was, I'm not sure I could handle many more. Unfortunately, the careless controls kill it for me; the panel is constantly flipping in the wrong direction

Short and fun

A perspective game. Takes 10-30 mins but will keep you entertained in the meantime.

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